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Enjoying a Bike Ride in the daytime, SAFE because of daytime running lights!

Daytime Running Lights 

The Most Underrated Bike Accessory!

Whether you are just getting into biking or are a seasoned cyclist, a common question for our Bike Mart team is, "how can I stay safe while riding my bike?" After choosing the right helmet, daytime running lights are the most effective thing a cyclist can do for their safety – but they are often overlooked. At Bike Mart, we offer an array of options so you can ride safely any time of the day or any month out of the year.

See and Be Seen 

Why Do I Need Daytime Running Lights?

In a place like North Texas, where we get an abundance of sun, it might seem silly at first to consider daytime running lights. But just like cars benefit from daytime lights, so do bikes.

Increase Visibility while Biking

Did you know that 8 out of every 10 cycling accidents occur during daytime hours? According to research by Clemson University, using daytime running lights can reduce accidents by 33%. Whether you’re riding on the street, path, or trail, make sure you’re seen!

Ride Your Bike Longer
Whether you’re looking to get out earlier or later in the day, it’s easier to get your ride in safely with the proper lights. Daytime running lights take you from dark through dawn or dusk to dark with no problem. This is especially great for year-round commuting.

Be Prepared for Unexpected Weather
We’ve all been out on a ride when the forecast and the reality of the weather don’t line up. Or your ride went longer than expected and suddenly you’re out on a trail with weather you didn’t prepare for. Daytime lights help keep you ready for these unexpected changes.

What Features Should I Look for in Daytime Running Lights?

Lumens refer to the brightness of the lights, and the exact needs depend on your riding habits. For most riders 100-200 lumens is appropriate during the day, with nighttime riding requiring upwards of 400-500 lumens.

Front vs. tail vs. combos. Front lights help you see the path in front of you, while tail lights are especially important to be seen by others. Getting a combination of the two is your best bet.

According to the research from Clemson University, using a flashing tail light during the day will make you 2.4 times more visible than a rider using no lights at all, and 1.4 times more noticeable than a steady flash mode. 

Our Recommendations

Choosing the right lights doesn’t have to be overwhelming. See our top picks below for confidence that you’re riding safely without the hassle.

Get Personalized Support In Store

Still have questions? If you aren't sure about which light fits your type of riding, don't hesitate to stop by any of our six locations and ask one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff to make a recommendation.

Most of the lights are very easy to install on your own, but our team can show you mounting options and walk you through how to properly get the lights set up. 

Using daytime running lights each time you ride could be the most impactful thing you do to improve safety on your bike!