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Electric Bike Buyer's Guide

Wish you could enjoy more adventures on your bike, even beyond your current fitness level AND save money at the same time? The solution is simple - an 
e-bike! E-bikes help you ditch the gas pump, enjoy a more active lifestyle and get to your destination with less effort. E-bikes ride just like a regular bike, but you get a battery-powered push to help you go farther, faster (even up hills!). 

E-bikes are great for riders who want to get to where they're going with less effort or just a fun way to get around town. From casual comfort bikes to full trail capable mountain bikes you are sure to find the e-bike that fits your riding style.
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Take the stress out of buying an e-bike with experienced riders who help you find the perfect e-bike.

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Gain confidence knowing your bike is the right type and the right fit to handle your biking adventures.

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We guarantee your satisfaction. If you have a problem or need an adjustment we will help. 

What Type of E-Bike is Right for Me?

Before you get started, it’s important to know where you’ll be riding your e-bike. Some bikes are made for pavement, some are made for trails, and some are made to handle both. Below you will find brief descriptions of the different types of e-bikes we carry.  


Are you a casual rider wanting to get more enjoyment out of riding? A cruiser e-bike will allow you to get out and see more on your ride all while having the confidence that the extra “oomph” is there when you need. Get the comfort and style of a cruiser and the speed of an e-bike. Comfort and control paired with modern style and technology create the ultimate cruising experience whether you're near or far from the beach. Pedal-assisted support makes e-cruisers an elevated classic.

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Tired of sitting in traffic every morning? Did you know that commuting to work by bike can be up to 50% faster! Get to work sweat-free or go further and faster on your weekend ride. With some reaching speeds up to 28 MPH you will arrive to work fast and energized or not slow down towards the end of your long weekend ride.

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Road E-Bikes

Ride further and faster on a pedal-assisted road bike. Keep up with faster friends or stay in the saddle longer. Don't let long climbs or high winds stop you from enjoying that warm spring ride. Don't let the light weight of these bikes turn you away--e-road bikes are powerful with long battery ranges.

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Mountain E-Bikes

An electric mountain bike is a powerful, all-terrain vehicle that can expand your riding range considerably, and help you get more riding done if you're pushed for time. Only got a couple of hours to spare? An electric mountain bike will let you speed up the climbs, so you can enjoy more of the downs. You'll leave no terrain untouched with a mountain e-bike!

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Electric Bike Accessories 

Accessories for electric bikes are the icing on the cake. Consider what you’ll be using your new e-bike for. If you’ll be commuting, racks, fenders, a lock, and a flat repair kit should be standard. If your rides go longer, you may want to add clipless pedals and shoes for optimum comfort and efficiency. Electric mountain bikers might consider carrying a shock pump, multitool, and a spare masterlink. For all riders, a helmet is a must, since you’ll be riding fast enough to keep up with local traffic.