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Fall Essentials 

Fall is officially here! With the arrival of fall comes shorter days, cooler temperatures, and unpredictable weather, which can make having the right gear for your ride a challenge. Our Fall Essentials guide is here to ensure you are safe, comfortable, and prepared no matter what the season throws your way.

Ride Comfortable. Ride Safe.

Dressing appropriately for the weather can be a challenge during fall. Early morning rides, overcast skies, and earlier evenings all mean less visibility. Cool mornings can turn into warm afternoons relatively quickly. Here are a few tips to help you choose the correct attire for your rides this fall: 

  • Bright colored reflective clothing to increase visibility in gloomy conditions

  • Lightweight convertible jackets with easily removable sleeves can provide a windproof layer and easily convert into a vest if you warm up too quickly. 

  • Water resistant or waterproof jackets keep you dry if you get caught in the elements 

  • Wool fabrics offer additional warmth without extra bulk

Clothing Accessories 

During the fall sometimes rides can start out a bit chilly and gradually warm up. Arm, knee, and leg warmers can offer some warmth during the start of your ride but can be easily removed and stowed away in a jersey pocket. Convertible jackets offer protection from the wind, and the sleeves can be easily removed to turn into a vest a keep you from overheating. Find everything from skull caps to wool socks to help keep you nice and comfortable this fall.

See & Be Seen

During the summer we get used to waking up early or riding late in the evenings to beat the heat but as daylight becomes scarce. The importance of being able to see and be seen becomes more apparent. A good light makes you more visible to drivers, lights up the trail on those brisk mornings, and makes sure to light the path home if you get caught admiring those fall sunsets too long. 

Whether The Weather

With the scorching heat of the summer behind us, it’s time to get out and ride. However with fall can come unpredictable weather. Commuting more? Add some fenders to your bike to avoid getting splashed. Change the tires on your bike to accommodate the changing riding conditions. Additional storage to your bike for longer rides. We have everything you need to keep you riding with a smile all fall long.