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At Küat, they are driven to make the most advanced products for outdoor enthusiasts. Küat was founded in 2008 on this simple belief, and they continue to use it as a guide today.

Küat creates industry-changing products that are manufactured with the utmost care to quality. They design products that last longer, boast unmatched style, and earn Küat the reputation of being a leader in feature innovation. Küat gives back to our planet through our Future Forest Initiative and most importantly, they stand behind our products like no other company.

At Küat, they are serious about progressing their products, their people, and our planet, and it shows in everything they do.

Car Racks

Hitch Mount

In 2008, Küat set out to rethink the hitch rack from the ground up. They tinkered, they engineered, they evolved. The final creations could be the best way to transport bikes on your car. Ever. Whether you opt for the maximal minimalism of the Sherpa 2.0 or the upgraded luxury the Piston Pro X, Küat has the hitch-mount rack for you.

Truck Mount

Sometimes you just need a workhorse that’s going to get down to business and get the job done. This little Dirtbag is as dependable as they come. Affordable without being cheap, and easily bolted to just about anything.

Roof Mount

Küat mount roof racks can handle any bike. Really. That bike you’re thinking of? Yes. Opt for the TRIO fork mount system for a slim, clean profile, or tap into luxury with the Piston SR. The SR takes the classic Piston Pro X hitch-mount and elevates it into a roof rack that would make even a pro tour motorcade jealous. Heading to shred pow? Grip or Switch snow racks make winter excursions fashionable and functional, all for a price you can get down with, too.

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