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Bike Buyer's Guide 

Need help finding the perfect bike for you? With all the types of bikes at Bike Mart, you're likely wondering where to begin your new bike search. We’ve put together this guide to help you find the bike that best fits your riding goals. Before you get started, it’s important to know where you’ll be riding. Some bikes are made for pavement, some are made for trails, and some are made to handle both. Below you will find brief descriptions of the different types of bicycles we carry. 

Electric Assist 

There is nothing more fun than riding an electric assist bike. Test ride one and you'll quickly find out why this is one of the fastest growing categories in cycling. E-bikes are great for riders who want to get to where they're going with less effort or just a fun way to get around town. From casual comfort bikes to full trail capable mountain bikes you are sure to find the e-bike that fits your riding style.


Are you a casual rider that wants to keep up with a more avid rider?  Want to add a few more miles onto your normal ride? E-Bikes are a great option for the casual rider wanting a little more out of each ride.


Switch up your daily commute by riding to work on an E-Bike. With some reaching speeds up to 28 MPH you will arrive to work fast and energized. 

E-Mountain Bikes

An electric mountain bike is a powerful, all-terrain vehicle that can expand your riding range considerably, and help you get more riding done if you're pushed for time. Only got a couple of hours to spare? An electric mountain bike will let you speed up the climbs, so you can enjoy more of the downs.

City Bikes

Getting around the city is more fun with the right bike. Whether your goal is to get fit or get to work, these bikes are built to make that ride more enjoyable. Using a combination of road bike speed and mountain bike sturdiness, these bikes are built to take whatever the city gives them. Serene park paths or crowded city streets, these bikes will do the job.

Hybrid / Fitness

For the casual rider, hybrid bikes provide a comfortable upright  position and solid tires to make any bike path a joy to ride and any  errand a breeze.

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Urban / Commuter

Riding a bicycle in the city is a great way to get to work, run errands, and more. These bikes are built for comfort and speed. They can also  double as fitness or touring bikes.

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Comfort bikes are built for one purpose: to have the most fun as  possible. Wide seats and upright riding position ensure that your rides  are relaxing. Large, wide tires ensure a smooth ride. These bikes are  perfect for casual group rides or cruising around the neighborhood.  Where ever you ride, ride with comfort.

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Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are the workhorses of the bicycle world. Designed to  handle anything, they are useful for conquering mountain trails, dirt  roads, and even snow-covered paths. You'll find them in various wheel  sizes from the standard 26-inch to the emerging 29-inch. These wheels  are built to have traction in a variety of conditions. Mountain bikes  come in various styles; the three basic models are front suspension,  full suspension, and fat bikes.

Front Suspension

Also known as hardtail mountain bikes, these bikes are lightweight and  easy to maintain. The front suspension minimizes the impact that you  feel in your hands and upper body

Full Suspension

Full suspension mountain bikes allow you to tackle rough trails by  absorbing more impact in the front and rear. They also are equipped to  handle more technical terrain than hardtails.

Plus / Fat

With four-inch wide tires, fat bikes can handle whatever adventure  brings. These versatile bikes will help you tear through dirt trails,  snow covered paths, and whatever else you can find.

Road Bikes

Road bicycles are designed to be light, fast, and easy to maneuver.  Their thin, slick tires create less friction with the road allowing a  trained rider to reach speeds of 25 miles per hour with ease. They are  typically equipped with handlebars that drop down and back to give the  rider various positions—from comfortably upright to aggressively  forward. They come in three basic categories: sport, endurance, and  triathlon.


The most popular bicycle seen flying down the road, either on a path or  in a race, is the sport road bike. Great for competition or casual riding.


Endurance bikes are built for speed and efficiency. They’re lightweight  and give you more comfort than a traditional road bike on long distance  rides.


Used in triathlons and time trials, these bikes allow you to reach  maximum speed in shorter distances. They use a fully integrated  aerodynamic geometry.


A combination of road and mountain bikes, cyclocross bikes are built to  handle whatever the course throws at you. Mud, grass, gravel - get dirty and have a blast on two wheels.

Touring / Adventure

For those seeking adventure, touring bikes are built to take you, and your gear, wherever the journey leads you. Down highways or into the woods, these bikes will get you there..

Kids Bikes

Bicycles are a classic part of growing up. Learning how to ride a bike  without training wheels is a childhood milestone. We have bikes for kids of all ages. From balance bikes for toddlers to kid-sized mountain  bikes, we have what your child needs to be introduced to the joys of  cycling. We want to ensure that your child loves his or her new bike.  Come talk to our friendly staff to make sure you get the right fit for your kid.

Balance Bikes: Up to 2 Years Old

Balance bikes have become popular in recent years as savvy parents have recognized that balance, rather than pedaling, is the most essential component of riding a bike. They allow small children to push the bike with their feet allowing them to learn how to balance faster.

12" & 16" Bikes: 2-5 Years Old

12" & 16" bikes are designed for riders 2 years old to 5 years old. These bikes come with back pedal coaster brakes, training wheels, and a few other add on features.

20" & 24" Bikes: 5-12 Years Old

20" & 24" Bikes are the perfect size bikes for kids transitioning off of training wheels with features like hand brakes and gears it will allow children to develop more profficient bike handling skills.