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New Bike Essentials

Whether you have recently purchased a new bike or rekindled your interest in cycling there are a few essential items that can make your bike rides safer and more enjoyable. We have assembled a list of our favorite must have bike essentials that are sure to keep you riding happy for miles.


Now that you are ready to ride it's time to think about safety. A helmet is by far the most important piece of equipment that you can purchase. With a ton of different styles, sizes, and colors you will be able to find the helmet that works for you.


Did you know that you could lose up to 48 ounces of sweat during an hour long ride? That is why staying hydrated is a key element to every cyclist. From the recreational rider that just needs a water bottle cage, to the more seasoned cyclist who needs a hydration mix for the next level of performance. We carry a wide range of products to help you finish your ride no matter the distance.


Pedals are a component that is often overlooked by most riders, but the right pedals can make a huge difference on your bike rides. From the casual rider looking for a pedal that offers more traction. To the more seasoned cyclist wanting the performance that clipless pedals offer. Once you find the right pedals to match your riding style visit a location near you for expert installation.


To see and be seen! You can reduce the risk of bike collisions both day and night with the addition of front and rear bike lights. Bike lights also provide additional safety by illuminating a clear path during night rides. With a variety of features you can find a simple light just for safety or night time trail rides. Stop by our nearest Bike Mart location to try out a few lights for yourself.

Racks & Bags

You can add more enjoyment to every ride by being able to take the things you want with you. With different rack, basket, and bag options you can carry everything from just your phone to a weeks worth of groceries! From simple rides to the coffee shop to week long adventures find the right storage for you.

More Essentials

Need more accessories than what is listed above? Click the link below to shop even more new bike essentials like air pumps, bells, bike locks, and more.

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