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Winter Bike Essentials 

Riding during the winter can be tough. Cold mornings, unpredictable precipitation, and shorter days can all put the brakes on you wanting to get out and ride. We put together a helpful guide so you can select the right gear to make your winter rides comfortable, cozy, and safe. 

At Bike Mart, we have all of the essentials to ensure you are prepared – no matter what the season throws your way. Stop by any of our seven locations and let our friendly and knowledgeable staff help you build the perfect winter kit. 

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Layer Up

Dress in layers to easily add or remove articles of clothing, depending on your comfort level during your ride. Remember if you are warm before you take off you will likely overheat on your ride.

head hands and feet

Head, Hands, & Feet

Caps, gloves, and socks help keep your extremities warm, so you stay comfortable the entire ride.

base layer

Base Layer

Designed to keep you dry and provide an extra layer of warmth, some even include wind protection.

arm and leg warmers

Arm & Leg Warmers

Increase the versatility of your wardrobe with arm and leg warmers. Both can be removed and stored in your jersey pockets or packed away in a bag when you start to warm up.



Designed to block the wind, rain or provide extra warmth. A jacket can be added to whatever you choose to wear on your ride, with some having the added advantage of being packable.



You can pair a jersey with a base layer as well as arm warmers or grab a long sleeve jersey for extra warmth.

shorts and tights

Shorts & Tights

Shorts pair well with knee and leg warmers. Tights are great for colder rides depending on your preference. Some tights can even be worn over shorts, while some include the chamois inside.

Lights For Your Bike

Adding lights to your bike increases your ability to be seen by drivers, pedestrians, and other cyclists and improves your visibility on your rides when the sun dips below the horizon.



A headlight on the front of your bike can be used to see and be seen. Available in battery operated or USB rechargeable.



A rear light provides the rider with extra safety by helping prevent rear-end collisions. These lights have different flashing modes and come battery operated or USB rechargeable.

Clean Your Bike

Bike maintenance often gets overlooked during the winter months but wet roads and trails can take their toll on your bike parts. Be sure to clean and lubricate the moving parts on your bike to prolong the life of those important components.