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Electra has always been inspired by the art around us. Actual art, yes, but also the beauty that can be seen in nature, old school cars, fashion, food, and basically anything that makes us nod our heads and say, “nice.” For years, that inspiration has made it into Electra's Artist Series bikes and e-bikes. Because Electra believe riding a bike is more than just a way to get to where you’re going, it can be an expression of you and your outlook on life. So, let’s have a little fun and look good while we’re doing it.

Active Bikes

Start with inspiration, add some innovation, throw in a little style and you’ve got yourself a Townie®. Many have tried to duplicate the riding experience, but none have come close. Electra's patented Flat Foot Technology® frame design comes from moving the crank forward and relaxing the seat angle, setting a new standard in comfort and control. People have a hard time describing it, but the smile on their face usually does a pretty good job.

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Electric Bikes

Mix timeless aesthetics with contemporary e-bike tech, ensuring a smooth, effortless ride. Ideal for both commuting and leisure, these bikes feature robust motor systems and stylish, comfortable designs that make every trip enjoyable.

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Kid's Bikes

These bikes are built with durability and ease of use in mind, helping little ones gain confidence and skills on two wheels.

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Specialty Bikes

Unique bikes, featuring tandems that are perfect for riding with a partner or friend. They combine style and comfort, making every shared journey an enjoyable adventure.


Electra has thoughtfully curated a catalog of accessories to customize your bicycle for comfort and style

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