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Full-Suspension Bikes: Better for Adventures

Having a full-suspension bike allows you to tackle rough terrain with ease, providing more control, speed, and comfort. 

Full-suspension setups are found on many different types of mountain bikes. Find out why a full-suspension mountain bike is one of the most capable bikes we carry.

Better Handling Over Rough Terrain

Comfort Through Your Longest Rides

Maximum Control and Efficiency

Full Suspension: Will it Make Me Better?

A full-suspension bike can allow all cyclists the ability to go more places and ride longer - even beginners! Why? The setup gives you more comfort and stability to take your skills to the next level!

Check out more of the reasons we love a full-suspension mountain bike! 

  • Having a front and rear suspension means you have twice the level of handling, allowing you to conquer any terrain.
  •  Rocks, roots, drops, and bumps are absorbed by the rear shock, as opposed to your body and back. Enjoy a longer ride when you can ride faster and more efficiently!    
  • The same concept can be applied to climbing and on turns: The front and rear shocks work together to give you superior traction while climbing and on sharp turns.

Hardtail Vs. Full-Suspension

Here at Bike Mart we are often asked about the difference in hardtails and full suspension mountain bikes. There are pros and cons with each kind leading to a variety of factors why one rider may choose one for the other.

  • Hardtails are lighter in weight because of their simplicity. This also means there aren't as many parts to repair, although repairs are mostly impacted by wear and tear.
  • Hardtails can still be fun in technical areas with decent geometry and suspension fork; but the rear shock will absorb those bigger hits, rough terrain, and trail buzz better. 
  • If you've experienced injuries in your back, ankles or knees, having dual suspension can help alleviate the pressure put on those areas when you ride.

Getting a Smoother, Safer Ride is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

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With 60 years in business, we're dedicated to sharing our knowledge and passion with you. Bike Mart offers a great selection of full-suspension mountain bikes. Shop in-store or online.

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Our cycling experts will help you find the right bike in your desired price range, plus you'll receive 10% off all accessories on the day of purchase.

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Enjoy The Full-Squish Experience

Who doesn't want smoother, safer, longer rides? We believe there's nothing better than hitting trails with a full-suspension. Let us take you on a test ride to see for yourself!

Your Bike Shouldn’t Hold You Back From Enjoying More Trails. 

Bike Mart carries a wide variety of full-suspension mountain bikes, and our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you find the right one for your needs. We carry a number of quality brands including Santa Cruz, Giant, Specialized, Orbea, Liv, Trek and more.

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