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$35.75 - $81.00 $55.00 - $81.00 35% Off
Bearings for Chris King DropSet headsets. Chris King made-in-house bearings are designed to last a lifetime and are fully serviceable. We encourage you to service your bearings before resorting to replacement. 41mm Steel—PHS804 (Fits DropSet 3) 42mm Steel—PHS806 (Fits DropSet 2 and DropSet 4) 52mm 45° Steel—PHS808 (Fits DropSet 2) 52mm 36° Steel—PHS810 (Fits DropSet 3)
$50.00 - $68.00
Chris King Headset Conversion Kits that allow conversion from one style to another in the same size. - Kit includes a stem cap, screw, star nut, scuff washer, and bearing cap, all the pieces you'll need to convert an existing threaded Chris King Sealed Bearing headset to a NoThreadSet - King offers 2 versions of this kit, our version does not include base plate
Chris King bottom bracket Fit Kits for DUB cranks are used with Chris King bottom brackets to ensure that cranks mate perfectly with bearings, extend product life, and reduce the potential for noise. Fit Kits will also allow you to use one bottom bracket with a wide array of cranks, if you happen to change you cranks in the future.
Chris King Threadfit Bottom Bracket Conversions to mate your King ThreadFit BB to your chosen frame and crank spindle.
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