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Clif Clif Shot Bloks

Clif Clif Shot Bloks
  • Flavor: Black Cherry w/ Caffeine
  • Flavor: Citrus
  • Flavor: Cran-Razz
  • Flavor: Ginger Ale
  • Flavor: Margarita w/ 3x Sodium
  • Flavor: Mountain Berry
  • Flavor: Orange w/ Caffeine
  • Flavor: Strawberry
  • Flavor: Tropical Punch w/ Caffeine
This item is currently not available.


CLIF® BLOKS™ Energy Chews provide quick, chewable, energy to athletes while training and racing. BLOKS come in 33 calorie cubes, with sleek and portable packaging, making it easy to customize and track caloric and electrolyte intake during long outings and races.

Nutritional information may vary with flavor.

Get your energy from pure, whole ingredients with Clif!
One day, in 1990, Gary Erickson and his friend Jay set oA member of Team Clif rips around a corner!ut for a ride around the San Francisco Bay Area. 120 miles into the ride, after choking down five less-than-appetizing energy bars, they realized that they still had a third of the way to go to get home. When Gary found that despite his exhaustion and famished state he couldn't stomach his last energy bar, the idea for Clif Bar was born.

Gary began experimenting with all-natural and organic ingredients, baking them in his mom's kitchen for over two years before coming up with his final product - an energy bar made from whole grains and natural ingredients that not only delivers the right amount of carbs, fats and proteins, but also tastes great.

After Clif Bar debuted as "Cliff's Bar," named after Gary's father Clifford, the product proved popular but was a mouthful to say. It was then The original "Cliff's Bar" wrapper.shortened to the name we know today: Clif. Since the debut, Gary's company has grown substantially, producing Clif Bar, Luna Bar and Clif Kidz products as well as sponsoring numerous athletes and events in almost every field of sports. 

Clif Bar has become much more than just a producer of natural energy food; it is also a leader in green awareness and sustainability through multiple programs and partnerships, including Terracycle, a program which helps reduce the number of energy bar wrapperClif Bar founder Gary (left), with his father Clifford.s by collecting and upcycling them (turning them into accessories such as bags and purses), and The Wrapper Brigade which allows schools, offices and organizations to earn money for charity by collecting used Clif wrappers.

Clif Bar is certainly a staple for anybody who wants natural, good-for-you-food that tastes great and works with the body, either to get through a long day or through the finish line.

We stock a wide selection of Clif food to keep you energized for all your adventures!

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN Store SKU
Black Cherry w/ Caffeine 722252180643
Citrus BLO1821661S
Cran-Razz 722252180612 722252180612
Ginger Ale 722252941237 118075 BLO22172482E
Margarita w/ 3x Sodium CLI27399073M
Mountain Berry BLO21699529Y
Orange w/ Caffeine 722252180650
Strawberry BLO23453184Y
Tropical Punch w/ Caffeine BLO35759624E