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Kink Pillar Cranks 170mm

Kink Pillar Cranks 170mm
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As the name implies, the Pillar 24 cranks are our 24mm version of the proven Pillar cranks. In additional to a much improved strength to weight ratio, the 24mm (23.8mm) spindle means sprockets mount directly without the need of added adapters. The Pillar 24 cranks use the same exclusive single piece forged backplate found in the original Pillar cranks, that tie together the pedal and spindle bosses. Acting as an extremely stiff backbone to each crank arm, this design eliminates several weak points found in traditional tubular cranks. The Pillar 24 cranks also feature a two piece hydraulically pressed spindle to arm design, and a heat-treated hollow chromoly spindle.

Color: Black ED
Spindle Size:24mm Hollow
Spindle Type:48-Spline
Drive Side:RHD/LHD Compatible
Drive Type:Regular and Micro Drive Sprocket Bolt Bosses
Tubing:100% 4130 Chromoly Steel Heat Treatment:
TruTherm Post Weld Heat Treated
Particulars:Unique One Piece Forged Backplate

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