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Serfas USM-350 E-Lume 350 Headlight

Serfas USM-350 E-Lume 350 Headlight
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The All New 2021 Serfas® E-Lume Series Headlight
New for 2021 our E-Lume Series Headlights feature a redesigned extruded aluminum housing, new optical lens with excellent side visibility, and improved battery capacity and LED performance.

We made not only increased performance a priority but also improved rider visibility, so we designed an all new optical lens and housing with front corner cutouts to allow drastically more light be visible when viewed from either side – and this all without any reduction in quality of forward illumination or beam pattern.

Constructed of aluminum the E-Lume housing is strong and lightweight as well as an efficient thermal conductor which effectively reduces heat buildup thus helping maintain temperatures for optimal battery performance and consistent light output.

Light output of the E-Lume 350 is sent through a single optical lens creating a powerful beam with strong front illumination and excellent side visibility.

Part Numbers

713836004851 USM-350 SER29219126T