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Denago eBikes


What happens when a team of seasoned industry veterans come together to create a new line of bikes? You get an authentic eBike brand dedicated to hearing our customers’ voices and creating a best-in-class biking experience. Denago aims to expand Bike Mart's product offerings to include cutting-edge electric bikes, catering to a growing market segment interested in eco-friendly and efficient transportation options without breaking the bank. Best of yet, They are headquartered in here in our backyard in Dallas, Texas!

Commute Model 1 Step-thru

The Denago Commute Model 1 is an urban eBike with a step-thru frame with a low standover height—easy to mount and dismount for shorter riders or those with poor flexibility or injuries. Commute Model 1 is full-featured with a suspension fork and seatpost, integrated headlight, plus included fenders, rear rack, and kickstand. Stealthy, sleek battery integrated with the down tube.

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Commute Model 1 Top-tube

Commute Model 1 was named "best new commuter eBike" by the editors of and appears on their list of "18 best electric bikes you can buy right now." Commute to work or school at up to 28 MPH on this Class III eBike. Features suspension fork and seatpost, integrated headlight, fenders, rear rack, and a sleek hidden battery. Traditional double-diamond frame design.

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Denago Folding 1

The Denago folding eBike is a powerful, compact model ideal for van life, RV travel, or anywhere with limited storage space. Easy to store and transport thanks to a folding frame, pedals, and handlebar. Features both pedal assist and throttle modes with a sleek, hidden internal battery. The combo of the ultra-low standover height frame and telescoping seatpost means almost everyone can ride, regardless of height or inseam. 

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Denago City Model 2 Step-thru

 Denago City Model 2 eBike in step-thru frame style makes it easy to start and stop, even if you have a short inseam or difficulty throwing a leg over the saddle on a traditional top tube style bike. Our follow-up to our award-winning City Model 1 is upgraded with an integrated battery and wider 2.6" tires.

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