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Maintenance Clinics

***Important Note:*** 

Due to COVID-19, Bike Mart has suspended all maintenance clinics until further notice.

Helping You On And Off The Bike

Knowing what to do before and after you head out on a ride can make the time in between more enjoyable. We offer two levels of maintenance clinics. One for the beginner, which takes you through the basics of bicycle upkeep and riding. Our other class is more advanced and covers minor gear adjustments. Seats are limited, so make sure to reserve yours for the clinic of your choice by calling a location near you.

Basic Maintenance Clinic

$30 (2.5 Hours)

Free With Bike Purchase

  • Learn how to properly give hand signals
  • Learn to ride with the flow of traffic
  • Learn current cycling laws in the state of Texas
  • Learn how and when to shift gears
  • Learn how to change and fix a flat
  • Learn how to correctly lubricate your chain
  • Learn the basic items you need to carry at all times to ensure your safety and keep you rolling

Advanced Maintenance Clinic

$55 (2 Hours)

Learn In-Depth Bicycle Skills

  • Learn how to adjust brakes
  • Learn how to adjust gears and shifters
  • Learn minor wheel truing
  • Learn how to protect major bike parts
  • Learn how to clean your drivetrain (chain)
  • Learn how to lubricate all pivot points
  • Learn how to properly clean your bike

Bring Your Own Bike

The best way to learn the skills you need to enjoy your ride is to work on your own bicycle. Since no two bikes are the same, during the clinics, we will also help you with anything that is specific to your bicycle. Clinics are available at all our locations. Days and times vary. Call your favorite location for a schedule.