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Ride Your Outside Bike Inside

Riding Indoors Doesn't Have To Be Boring

Too cold, too wet, too hot, or not enough time? No more excuses to miss a day on the saddle! With a bicycle trainer, riding indoors becomes more engaging. Plus, invest in a smart trainer which is Bluetooth enabled and will allow you to replicate a real world ride indoors. No matter what kind of rider you are, we're here to help you get the trainer set up most applicable to you!

What is a Trainer?

A bicycle trainer allows you to easily transform your outdoor bike into an indoor bike. They simulate a real ride and some even have smart capabilities to connect you to the virtual world of cycling.

What Do You Need?

In addition to your trainer, all you need to get started is your bike and in most cases, a virtual training app. We also recommend a training mat, a climbing block, and comfortable cycling apparel.

We're Here to Help!

Not sure which smart trainer is right for you? Below is a great comparison chart of the two main types, or visit us today and we'll happily discuss your options and ensure that you're ready to ride.

Learn from a Pro:

In this video, JP goes over the different types of bike trainers as well as how to set them up. Learn how easy it really is to turn your outside bike into an inside bike so you never miss a ride!

Find Your Trainer:

Bike Mart carries trainers for every budget. Shop for the indoor trainer online or stop by a store to have one of our knowledgeable staff members guide you toward your perfect home set-up.

Wheel On Trainers

  • Great for getting started
  • Budget Friendly
  • Wheel on design is convenient and easy to use 
  • Smart model options, compatible with apps such as Zwift
  • Easy to switch between different bikes, without having to change cassettes

Smart Trainers

  • Best for performance 
  • Direct drive design for improved ride feel and quiet performance
  • Seamlessly connects to virtual training apps such as Zwift and ROUVY
  • Power meter is more accurate than wheel on alternatives


  • Great ways to upgrade your indoor ride, from training mats and sweat guards to fans and elevation simulators
  • Create a more realistic ride feel with additional accessories