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Cycling Essentials & Tips

Gear Up & Get Riding!

Once you've got your bike, it's time to get the right accessories. At Bike Mart, we're strong believers in safe and responsible riding. Whether you're new to cycling or a veteran cyclist, there are always new tips and products to make your ride more comfortable and enjoyable. From helmets to bike racks, each of our cycling essentials is guaranteed to improve your ride.

Shop In-Store and Online

Shop any of our seven DFW locations or shop with us online--we guarantee the best price and your satisfaction. Bike Mart has the largest selection of bicycles in the metroplex.

Get the Right Essentials

No bike purchase is complete without getting a few essentials to improve your ride. Let our friendly cycling experts help you out. We've got what you need in your price range.

Peace of Mind

Ride easy knowing that you've got what you need to keep your ride comfortable and safe. Riding with the right gear and clothing tailored to your style is the key to a rewarding ride.

Wear a Helmet - It could save your life.

The most essential item, safety. With different technologies, sizes, colors, and styles, at Bike Mart we'll have the helmet that fits you best, guaranteed. Try on in-store! Let us show you the difference between our favorite helmets. We always put safety first, and recommend that all riders wear a helmet when in the saddle. When you get a helmet, keep in mind they expire 5 years after original use and always need to be replaced after having a hard impact.

Stay hydrated - and replace what you burn off

To ride well, hydrate well! Did you know you can lose up to 48 ounces of water an hour while riding in the Texas heat? At Bike Mart, we recommend drinking your body weight (lbs) in ounces of water the day before your ride. That's only part of it, though. When on your ride, take 20 ounces of water or electrolyte mix per hour of riding. We have plenty of water bottles, hydration packs, and hydration mixes to choose from.

New pedals - the best upgrade!

From simple flat pedals to clipless systems, elevate your ride by adding traction, stamina, and power by upgrading this often overlooked component. Don't be intimidated by clipless pedals, they're easy to learn and improve your riding like you wouldn't believe! Let us help match your pedals to riding goals. Don't overlook this cycling essential.

Get the Most out of Your Ride

Check out our favorite cycling tips!

Set Proper Saddle Height

Riding with your saddle set at the proper height is the best way to have a comfortable, painless, and joint-saving ride. When riding with the wrong saddle height, your joints could hurt after putting on a few miles. From your lower back down to your ankles, proper saddle height will keep you from premature pain of having to go back early.


Inflate Tires to Proper Pressure

Whether you plan to ride on the road, trail, gravel, or bike path, having the right tire pressure is an important way to prevent flats. When the pressure in your tires gets too low, you risk getting a pinch flat - when the tube inside your tire will tear from the weight of the tire and rim. Prevent this by having to correct pressure - a couple PSI can make a BIG difference!

Changing a Flat

When riding with tubes in your tires, it's inevitable you'll get a flat tire. Whether riding on concrete or the trail, we always believe in bringing a flat kit (tube, tire levers, and air) on your ride. Before your first bike ride, it's always a good idea to know how to change a flat and have to correctly-sized tube. Check out this video to see how to not let a flat ruin your ride.


How to Pack for a Ride

In addition to bringing a flat kit, check out this video to show what else you need to bring. Lights, water, etc. Put the essentials to use. All of our favorite essentials put into play!

A Few of Our Favorite Essentials

What are the benefits of cycling?

Cycling has many great health benefits!