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Made for Riders, by Riders.

Founded in 1974, Specialized began by importing difficult-to-find bicycle parts to fill holes in the bicycle market. Soon, they were innovating their own bicycles and products to meet the demands of riders. Their lineup now includes road bikes with exceptional performance, cutting edge mountain bikes, adaptable active bikes, powerful electric bikes, and gear for every riding style.

At Bike Mart, we strive to provide the best products on the market which is why we carry a large array of Specialized bikes and gear.

Epic 8 EVO Comp

The fastest downcountry bike in the world. Epic 8 EVO is the dressed up, cranked-to-11 expression of the new Epic 8. Spec’d to slay downcountry terrain with its unmatched combo of capability, efficiency, and light weight, Epic 8 EVO’s updated kinematics allow for insanely efficient climbing—while the Ride Dynamics-tuned shock eats up rough terrain on the way down.


Electric Bikes

Specialized designs e-Bikes that are “You, Only Faster.” And they do it with a fully integrated Specialized e-Bike Technology System. Specialized e-Bikes are incredibly smooth and powerful, have near-silent motors, premium Li-Ion batteries, and superior connectivity solutions.

Road & Gravel Bikes

Specialized road and gravel bikes engineered to be fast and smooth which enables riders to go farther, faster in more comfort than ever before. Their relentless pursuit of innovative solutions to real life riding problems makes them a leader in the industry.

Mountain Bikes

Own The Trail — Specialized has designed and engineered every mountain bike in their line to perform its best. Whether you want to push the limit or escape the daily grind, Specialized mountain bikes deliver.

Active Bikes

Get where you need to go in style. Specialized active bikes are designed to tackle your day to day riding needs from commuting, to staying fit, to hauling cargo.


Specialized brings  innovative fabrics and on body technology to make every ride, your best ride. Find everything from performance-first jerseys and Body Geometry chamois to the toughest trail apparel.


Every item that bears the Specialized logo is designed to maximize the rider experience. From meticulously designed helmets and shoes, to storage solutions and stylish bike accouterments.