Bike Repair Center

Experienced, Friendly Mechanics At Your Service

At Richardson Bike Mart, we service and repair all types of bicycles. We provide free service estimates and quick turnaround for your convenience. Our bicycle repair staff are some of the best trained and certified folks in the business. Whether you need a flat tire repaired or a complete overhaul, we are eager to help.

Bike Repair at Richardson Bike Mart

Fast, Accurate Bike Repair in Dallas Area

We know that when you have an issue with your bike, you want it resolved so that you can get back to riding as soon as possible. Walk-ins are welcome at our service departments, but to get your bike repaired and returned quickly, we recommend scheduling an appointment. It's easy - contact us and we'll discuss your repair needs.

Bicycle Tune-Up Packages

For the best bike repair value, choose one of our comprehensive tune-up packages. Visit a Richardson Bike Mart near you to learn more and discuss which option best suits your needs.

BASIC tune-up $89.99*
  • Lube Necessary Moving Parts
  •  Adjust Brakes & Shifters
  •  True Wheels
  •  Wipe Down Bike
  •  Adjustments Tested
  •  Labor For Tire & Tube Replacement
MAJOR TUNE-up $134.99*
  • Basic Tune-Up, PLUS
  • Labor For Cable, Chain, Grip & Spoke Replacement (Up to 3 Spokes)
  • Drivetrain Cleaned
  • Full Bike Wash
Road bIKE Overhaul $249.99*
  • Major Tune-Up, PLUS
  • Deep Clean Wheels, Hubs & Drivetrain
  • Bottom Bracket Overhaul
  • Headset Overhaul
  • Brake Service
  • Bike Polish
mOUNTAIN bIKE overhaul $349.99*
  • Major Tune-Up, PLUS
  • Service Suspension Fork
  • Bottom Bracket Overhaul
  • Headset Overhaul
  • Brake Service
  • Drivetrain Replacement
KID's tune-up $49.99*
  •  True Wheels
  •  Adjustment of All Necessary Mechanical Parts
  •  Tighten Nuts & Bolts
  • Complete Assemble of Bicycle
  • Adjust Brakes & Shifters
  • Lube Necessary Moving Parts
  • Wipe Down Bike
  • Adjustments Tested

*Additional charge for bikes that take more time to adjust.  $30 Recumbents, Trikes & Tandems

A La Carte Bicycle Repair Services

Need a minor repair or maintenance service? We’ve got you covered. Bring your bike to one of our shops or schedule a mobile repair visit and we’ll get you rolling again in no time.

      • Flat Repair
      • Tire Install
      • Tubeless Sealant Recharge
      • Tubeless Tire Install
      • Sew-up Install + Glue
      • Valve Stem Install
  • Brake Lever Install
  • Adjust Side Pull, Center Pull Brake,V-Brake or Cantilever
  • Install Brake Pads
  • Adjust Disc Brake
  • Bleed Hydraulic Brake
  • Install Brake Cable
  • Adjust Rear Derailleur
  • Adjust Front Derailleur
  • Shifter Flush
  • Shifter Install
  • Derailleur Install
  • Hanger Align / Install
  • Install Chain
  • Install Cassette or Freewheel
  • Install Chainring
  • True WheelWheels will sometime wobble side to side or become out of round. A wheel truing will realign the wheel making it straight again.
  • Complete Wheel Build
  • Pedal Install / Removal
  • Crank Install
  • Crank Install w/ Bottom Bracket
  • Bottom Bracket Adjust
  • Bottom Bracket Overhaul
  • Headset Replacement
  • Headset Overhaul
  • Fork Install
  • Fork Steer Tube Cut
  • Fork Shock Overhaul
  • Tape Handlebar
  • Handlebar Grip Install
  • Handlebar Install
  • Handlebar Cut
  • Stem Install
  • Dropout Alignment
  • Rear Linkage Overhaul
  • Frame Thread Cleanup (Thread Chase & Face)
  • Frame Swap
  • Frame Hanger Adjusted
  • Box Bike for Shipping
  • Computer Install & Program
  • Rack Install
  • Child Seat Install 
  • Bike Super Clean Wash