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Liv puts put women first in everything they do, every frame they build, every component they spec, and every piece of gear they design. Liv invests 100% of their resources into supporting women and creating more opportunities in the sport of cycling. When it comes to product design, they start with women’s data, of course, and infuse every decision with women in mind.

Bikes and gear for women, by women, with women.

Electric Bikes

Liv electric bicycles use pedal assist technologies that magnify your pedaling force so you can easily zoom up hills, and go distances you’ve only dreamed about, all while maintaining a smile on your face!  It’s a feeling you’ve got to discover firsthand. We call it the “E-bike face” and it’s pure fun and enjoyment.

Road & Gravel Bikes

For women who want aggressive speed, tighter control,  smooth handling, and a comfortable ride, Liv has the bike. Whether touring the coast with friends or digging deep for your next triathlon win, their aero technology has made Liv not only some of the lightest, fastest women’s road bikes in the world, but some of the fastest bikes in the world. Period.

Mountain Bikes

From the exhilaration of your first trail ride to the epic challenges of World Cup mountain bike races, Liv’s MTB line has you covered. With unmatched traction and control, stable geometry, and the will to shred, their women’s mountain bikes are built for those who don’t just want to climb the mountain, they want to conquer it.

City Bikes

If you'd rather pedal to work than sit in traffic on your morning commute, and you prefer your weekend filled with adventures on the open road, then the frames and upright positioning of Liv's women’s city bikes make any ride more comfortable and fun.


Whether you’re getting started or getting serious, Liv's got you covered, from jerseys to bibs to socks. They make women's apparel that fits right, feels good, and looks fast—and gear that’s built for adventure.


Liv's collection of accessories for bike and rider is designed with women in mind. Developed and tested by women riders, their line of gear keeps everyone riding and feeling their best on every ride.