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Founded in 2009 by Chip Hawkins in Atlanta, GA, Wahoo creates innovative solutions to make hard fought goals attainable and lives better. Wahoo was built on the foundation of simplicity and the mindset that “there’s got to be a better way.”

Their belief that bikes make the world a better place and tough goals make us better people keeps them striving to make a greater impact on the cycling community worldwide. Wahoo's integrated suite of technology helps people of all athletic backgrounds reach new heights and stay connected.

Indoor Cycling

The Wahoo ecosystem is an integrated indoor cycling experience that offers cyclists of all levels the tools they need to get faster, fitter and have more fun while chasing their goals. From bike trainers and cycling accessories that blur the line between virtual and reality to immersive indoor cycling apps that erase the line between work and play. However you're looking to ride, race, train and connect, you can with Wahoo.

Cycling Computers

Whether you need a GPS for mountain biking, gravel rides, or unfamiliar roads, Wahoo ELEMNT cycling computers offer powerful features to track your performance, navigate new routes and stay connected before, during and after your rides. Smart navigation features provide the freedom to explore with confidence. Advanced performance features give you the tools to become a better cyclist. Using ELEMNT GPS for cycling connects you to a seamless indoor and outdoor ecosystem.

Cleats & Pedals

Wahoo pedals connect cyclists with the power and ride metrics needed to track, analyze and advance performance. By combining industry-leading sports science with the superior adjustability, power transfer and aerodynamics, Wahoo delivers powerful data for powerful gains.

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