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The Fastest Mountain Bike on Earth - Now Available at Bike Mart!

Bike Buyer's Guide


What 's the perfect bike for me?

Looking for a bike but don't know where to start?

Looking for a good cardio exercise, avoid high gas prices, or get off the beaten path? Whether you're looking to shred the trails on a full-suspension mountain bike, ride bike paths on a city e-bike, or race in a crit on a performance road bike--Bike Mart has the right bike for you. There's nothing quite like cycling. When you shop at Bike Mart, know that you'll be getting expert advice from over 60 years in the business. From comfortable cruisers to burly mountain bikes, Bike Mart is here to help you find the perfect bike out of the thousands we have in stock.

Finding a Bike is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Wide Selection at All Locations

Shop at any of our seven locations for road, mountain, hybrid, and kids' bikes and experience the largest selection in DFW. We'll have the right bike for you.

Friendly Cycling Experts

We've been helping North Texans find the right bike since 1962. We will evaluate what you want, how, and where you will ride to help you find the perfect bike.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every new bike purchase comes with free adjustments for the first year, a free basic tune-up certificate, free maintenance clinic, and a $10 coupon for essentials.

Hybrid Bikes - The bread and butter of the bike world--why do I need one?

Whether your goal is to get fit or get to work, hybrid bikes are built to make that ride more enjoyable. Using a combination of road bike speed and mountain bike sturdiness, these bikes are built to take whatever the city, bike path, or gravel trail gives them.


Fitness-oriented hybrid bikes allow you to ride faster and in a more athletic sitting position. Like a performance road bike, fitness hybrids have thinner, slick tires that roll fast on pavement. Usually with road bike-esq gearing, fitness hybrids allow you to get a good workout at speed.


Comfort-oriented hybrid bikes are bikes designed less for speed and more for stability and comfort. Featuring slacker frame geometry, higher handlebars, and wide, slick tires, comfort bikes are designed to enjoy the ride, at your pace. Stay away from back pain or sit bone pain with a hybrid-comfort bike!


Want to get fitness bike efficiency but trying to ride on gravel trails and easy singletrack or doubletrack? Trail-oriented hybrid bikes allow you to ride on or off-road, with efficiency and speed. These bikes feature mountain bike-esq gearing and slimmer, knobby tires designed for road and light trail use.


Ride in style on a cruiser or Townie-style bike! Whether you're close to the beach or not, riding one of these bikes will surely get all the compliments and radiate good vibes. With medium-range or single-speed gearing and wide, slick tires, these bikes are designed to give you a great ride on flat terrain.

Mountain Bikes - They can handle EVERYTHING?

Mountain bikes are the workhorses of the bicycle world. Designed to handle anything, they are useful for conquering mountain trails, dirt roads, and even snow-covered paths. You'll find them in various wheel sizes from the standard 26-inch to the emerging 29-inch. Mountain bikes come in various styles; the three basic models are hardtail,  full suspension, and fat bikes. 


Typically lightweight and easy to maintain. The front suspension minimizes impacts on your hands and upper body. Great for cross country racing or fast trail rides depending on geometry. Typically using 1x12 gearing and stiff, rigid rear, climbing is most efficient on a hardtail.

Shop Hardtail Mountain Bikes


Absorb whatever gets thrown at you on the trail. The rear-mounted shock allows you to handle terrain hardtails typically struggle on. Great for enduro racing and bike park laps. Save your joints and back, full-suspension mountain bikes allow you to ride longer, reducing fatigue.

Shop Full-Suspension Mountain Bikes


Shred trails, snowy paths, and more! Either rigid or with suspension, fat and plus bikes use burly tires to absorb bumps and hits. A twist on normal mountain bikes, Texas riders find these bikes offer a fun-filled ride--whether snowy, sandy, or not! Use the wide, grippy, tires to take on roots and rocks.

Shop Plus-Size and Fat Mountain Bikes

Road Bikes - Have a need for speed?

Road bicycles are designed to be light, fast, and easy to maneuver.  Their thin, slick tires create less friction with the road allowing a trained rider to reach speeds of 25 miles per hour with ease. They are typically equipped with handlebars that drop down and back to give the rider various positions—from comfortably upright to aggressively forward. They come in three basic categories: sport, endurance, and triathlon.


The most popular bike flying down the road! Great for competition or casual riding depending on fit--race or endurance. Performance road bikes are designed for long and fast rides. Whether you want to race a criterium or a seventy-mile road rally. Performance road bikes are your best bet.


Ride off of the beaten path. Similar to mountain bikes, these mostly use one-by-gearing, knobby tires, and even dropper posts. The main difference--frame geometry. Slacker for gravel bikes, steeper for CX bikes. Great for long gravel rides, gravel races, and cyclocross races.


Reach maximum speed in shorter distances. These bikes maximize comfort and take no penalty to aerodynamics. Triathlon and Time Trial bikes feature aerodynamic seating positions that allow triathletes to save muscles before the run. Save watts by aerodynamics, save your legs for running.


Ride farther for more adventure time! The choice of bikepackers, these bikes have racks and upright geometry for all-day comfort. Use the mounts and racks to hold anything for camping trips. Or, hold bags on your daily commute. These bikes are a great all-rounder that takes no penalty to utility.

Electric Pedal-Assist Bikes - What are they and why would I need one?

Ride farther and longer on a pedal-assisted e-bike! There is nothing more fun than riding an electric-assist bike. Test ride one and you'll quickly find out why this is one of the fastest-growing categories in cycling. E-bikes are great for riders who want to get to where they're going with less effort or as just a fun way to get around town. From casual comfort bikes to full trail-capable mountain bikes you are sure to find the e-bike that fits your riding style.


Ride further and faster on a pedal-assisted road bike. Keep up with faster friends or stay in the saddle longer. Don't let long climbs or high winds stop you from enjoying that warm spring ride. Don't let the light weight of these bikes turn you away--e-road bikes are powerful with long battery ranges.


An electric mountain bike is a powerful, all-terrain vehicle that can expand your riding range considerably, and help you get more riding done if you're pushed for time. Only got a couple of hours to spare? An electric mountain bike will let you speed up the climbs, so you can enjoy more of the downs.


Switch up your daily commute or weekend ride on a hybrid-style pedal-assisted bike. Get to work sweat-free or go further and faster on your weekend ride. With some reaching speeds up to 28 MPH you will arrive to work fast and energized or not slow down towards the end of your long weekend ride. 


Ride faster and further in style! Get the comfort and style of a cruiser and the speed of an e-bike. Comfort and control paired with modern style and technology create the ultimate cruising experience, near or far from the beach. Pedal-assisted support makes e-cruisers an elevated classic.

Kids' Bikes - What size bike does my child need?

Bicycles are a classic part of growing up. Learning how to ride a bike without training wheels is a childhood milestone. We have bikes for kids of all ages. From balance bikes for toddlers to kid-sized mountain bikes, we have what your child needs to be introduced to the joys of cycling. We want to ensure that your child loves his or her new bike. Come talk to our friendly staff to make sure you get the right fit for your kid. 

Balance Bikes

Leave the training wheels out of it! Balance bikes allow small children to push the bike with their feet to focus on balance. Balance bikes are for kids 6 months to 4 years.

12"-16" Wheels

12", 14", & 16" bikes are designed for riders 2 years old to 6 years old. These bikes typically come with back pedal coaster brakes, training wheels, and a few other add-on features.

20"-24" Wheels

Kids bikes with 20" and 24" wheels are designed for kids 5-10. These bikes are more adult-bike-like, usually not featuring back pedal coaster brakes and chain guards. 

26" Wheels

Formerly classified as adult bikes, mountain and hybrid bikes with 26" wheels work well for taller and/or older kids. These will use higher quality materials and parts.

BMX Bikes - Interested in tricks and racing?

BMX bikes are designed to shred the skatepark. Grind rails, hit backflips, and manual. Bike Mart has a large selection of 20" & 24" race and freestyle bikes. 

20" BMX

The most popular size, 20" BMX bikes are great for jumping and nimbleness. Looking to race, hit backflips, or ride laps at the local skatepark? This size is perfect for you!

24" BMX

24" BMX bikes or "Cruisers" are designed for stability, smooth handling, and riding fast. Are you transitioning to BMX from mountain biking? A 24" is for you!

Specialty Bikes - Life is short--why get a traditional bike?

We sell bikes that have more and less than two wheels.  


Give your joints a break! Prioritize comfort and stability on a recumbent bike. A great option for cyclists unable to ride a traditional bicycle.

Elliptical Bikes

Work out your core! Elliptical bikes combine two types of workouts. Skip the boring gym equipment, ride an elliptical bike! Work up a sweat while being gentle on the body.


We have unicycles! Who needs two wheels? Whether you're in the circus or not, unicycles are fun! Ever heard of mountain unicycling? You have now! 

There's nothing like a great ride.

At Bike Mart, we believe that Life Is Better On A Bike. That's why we preach safe and rewarding riding. Not to mention, all the health benefits and money-saving that results from riding a bike as opposed to a car. Click the link below to see what Bike Mart and others think are the benefits of cycling.  

The Benefits of Cycling

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