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An Electric Mountain bike is a powerful, all-terrain vehicle that can expand your riding range considerably and help you get more riding done if you're pushed for time. Only got a couple of hours to spare? An Electric Mountain bike will let you speed up the climbs, so you can enjoy more of the downs. Leave no terrain untouched!

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What Type of Electric Mountain Bike is Right for Me?

Unlike traditional mountain bikes, these bikes are classified more by pedal-assist characteristics than falling directly into a category such as cross country or enduro mountain bikes. For Electric Mountain bikes, a mid-drive design (where the motor is in the bottom bracket) has proven to be the most powerful and reliable for all-terrain conditions. However, there are differences in terms of size, weight, and power from model to model. 

Lightweight Electric Mountain Bike

Recent technologies have made Electric Mountain bikes lighter than ever! These bikes are perfect for those valuing a natural ride experience and light handling on the trails, but with that extra level of support.

These bikes are usually fitted with a battery smaller than 500 Wh to save on weight. 

We have found that bikes fitted with Specialized's SL 1.1 motor and Shimano's EP8 motor can be a great, lightweight option for Electric Mountain bikes.

All-Mountain Electric Mountain Bikes

The classic Electric Mountain bike is the most popular group of electric pedal-assisted bikes. They usually have large 500-700 watt-hour batteries and many brands also offer range-extending systems allowing up to 1500 watt-hours for more hours in the saddle. These bikes pack serious power on the climbs and feature modern geometry with an appetite for fast downhill riding.

E-Mountain Bikes In Stock

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Our challenge to you is to come back from your test ride without a smile. Trust us, once you test ride an electric mountain bike, you'll be hooked!

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Gain confidence knowing your bike is the right type, right size and fit, and correctly equipped to handle your biking adventures. 
Test Ride an E-Mountain Bike Today!

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How Can an Electric Mountain Bike Help Me Improve My Mountain Bike Skills?

Contrary to popular belief, you still get a great workout on an Electric Mountain bike. Still getting the same health benefits as a non-assisted mountain bike, Electric Mountain bikes provide an extra boost on the climbs to give you an extra level of thrill on the downhills. Making it up those technical climbs has never been easier! Master your ground game - Electric Mountain Bikes use the low center of gravity to your advantage--lay off the brakes and feel the thrill of your bike pulling Gs through berms!


Faster. Further. Funner.


The range of Electric Mountain Bikes is dependent on multiple factors including battery capacity, pedal-assistance mode, rider weight, and the trail itself. That being said, these motors are POWERFUL and can often take you over 40 miles on one charge!

Many options also offer a range extender battery, allowing you to easily switch and extend your ride.


Your Electric Mountain Bike's battery will generally be integrated or removable inside the downtube, (where a water bottle cage is typically installed). Downtube batteries offer a more natural weight distribution and lower center of gravity, thereby improving handling, and trail stability.

User Interface

Almost all Electric Mountain Bikes these days include a fairly detailed display, providing a dashboard to display important information like your assist level, remaining battery power, and more! 

Many models use thumb controls on the handlebar for easy accessibility. This is typically where you power on the bike and adjust the pedal-assist power level. Many Electric Mountain Bikes feature Bluetooth smartphone integration, which allows you to see everything going on with your bike all from your smart phone.

Must-Have Electric Mountain Bike Accessories

Your riding preferences are as unique as the trails we ride! Customize your ride with accessories that make your life easier, improve your riding performance, or just make you look cool.