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Get fitted like the pros
and experience a better bike ride.

idmatch™  technology gives you the best, most scientific bike fit in the world.

More Comfort More PowerMore Speed 

Are you getting all you could out of your bike?

Ensure your bike fits your unique body with the most innovative and scientific bike fit technology in the world. 

Maximize Your Comfort and Performance

Too many cyclists suffer unnecessary aches and pains because they haven’t been fitted correctly. But when your bike fits your body, you not only benefit from a more comfortable ride, you’re also able to generate more power, and more speed than before.  

What if we could scientifically engineer your bike’s fit perfectly for your body?
Well, now we can! 

Don’t settle. Get fitted like the pros with idmatch™

Experience More Comfort, More Power, More Speed


Book an Appointment

Plan for 60 minutes at Bike Mart’s Richardson Location, in our exclusive idmatch™ Bike Lab. An idmatch™-trained team member will provide 1-on-1 personalized guidance.


Get Scanned

You’ll ride the idmatch™ bike and get a full-body scan with our state-of-the-art computerized technology. A sophisticated algorithm will prescribe specific adjustments for your bike that yield ideal comfort and performance for your anatomy and movements.


Experience Bike Fit

Our expert team will help you make the adjustments to your bike, order any necessary parts, and help you to make your idmatch™ recommendations a reality. In no time, you’ll be riding with more comfort, more power, and more speed.


Available at all Bike Mart locations. 

For road, mountain, triathlon, time trial and track bikes. This package includes:

  • Selecting the appropriate bike size
  • Adjusting the saddle fore / aft position
  • Adjusting the saddle height
  • Adjusting the handlebar position
  • Included with purchase of a new bike
idmatch(™)PRO-Level FIT$300

Available at Bike Mart - Richardson and Bike Mart - Prosper-Hollyhock locations. 

For road, mountain, triathlon, time trial and track bikes. This package includes:

  • Computer scan physical assessment with no markers
  • Exclusive idmatch(™) technology for scientific fit
  • Saddle Fitting, Saddle Test, Cleat Fit, and more.
  • Mobile phone report and printed final report of final fit assessment with specific product recommendations for your body mechanics.

Be the first in the USA to experience  
the best bike fitting technology in the world.

Exclusive scientific technology created in Italy, now available in the USA - only at Bike Mart.

What is idmatch™ Bike Lab?

The first completely automated bike-fitting system in the world which doesn’t need markers to work because it uses a biomechanical analysis system with an automated 3D full-body scan and self-adaptation of the position.

Who is idmatch™ for?

This technology was developed for cyclists who want to ensure they are getting the best fit on their bike - one that is custom-fitted to their unique body dimensions and movements. Whether you’re on a road bike, mountain bike, or riding triathlons, idmatch™ will help ensure your bike is fitted to your body for greater comfort, more power, and more speed so you’re getting the most out of your bike (and your efforts riding it!). 

Where does idmatch™ technology come from?

Founded and directed by Professor Luca Bartoli, Ergoview is one of the most important laboratories for ergonomics in Europe. In collaboration with Selle Italia, over the years it has developed a research system which examines the physiology and mechanics of sporting activities. Applied to idmatch™, this has led to a method which determines the ideal saddle for any cyclist.

What does an idmatch™ fitting cost? 

An idmatch™ bike fitting takes 1 hour and costs $300. It comes with a 30-day guarantee where you can come back at any time to the idmatch™ Bike Lab at Bike Mart if anything is not to your satisfaction.

What are the core components of an idmatch™ bike fitting?

A total body fit from head to toe, focusing on 3 core components:

Saddle Fitting

Find your ideal seat size using a strict scientific measurement process that only takes 30 seconds, a sophisticated algorithm, and some straightforward anthropometric data.

Saddle Test

Try out your saddle free of charge. With the Saddle Test, we make available to cyclists all the various saddle sizes for them to try out directly on the road before they make a purchase.

Cleat Fit

Position the cleats with absolute precision on your foot. Unique in the world, this measurement system takes just a few seconds to gauge the size of the foot directly from the sole of the shoe.

Bike Mart idmatch™ Bike Lab FAQs

      + What types of bikes does idmatch™ help fit me for? Is there a specific type of cycling it is geared towards? idmatch™ fitting is for all styles of bikes: MTB, Triathlon, Hybrids, Road, & city bikes. With an idmatch™ fighting, you’ll get the correct sizing for different parts of your bike and recommendations of a few bike brands that carry that product. Your idmatch™ fit specialist will help you select the products that work best for you - no matter if you’re a road biker, triathlete, bike commuter, or an everyday rider!   

    + Is idmatch™ helpful to find the right bike if I don’t have a bike to get sized? Yes! If you don’t have a bike to get sized, no problem! Your idmatch™ fitting will allow you to have a report on the right proportions for the bike you should purchase and give you several options of bicycle brands with recommended size for each part to order.

     + What if I have more than one bike or type of bike that I ride? Will I need more than one fitting?No problem. Bring both bikes and get sized on both for just $100 more. We build in margin between bike fittings to allow for extra time in case you have more than one bike to be fitted. 

     + What does an idmatch fitting cost? An idmatch™ bike fitting takes 1 hour and costs $300. It comes with a 30-day guarantee where you can come back at any time to the idmatch™ Bike Lab at Bike Mart if anything is not to your satisfaction. 
       + Which Bike Mart Stores offer idmatch™ fitting? Bike Mart’s idmatch™ bike lab is exclusive to the Richardson and Prosper-Hollyhock locations. At this time, Bike Mart is the first bike shop in the USA to offer idmatch™ technology. Be the first in the US to get this state-of-the-art fit and ride with more comfort, more power, and more speed!