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Where To Ride

Dallas/Fort Worth Bike Trails

If you're new to the area, new to cycling, or are looking to expand your cycling horizons, you've come to the right place! The Dallas / Fort Worth area is home to many amazing bicycle paths and off-road mountain bike trails of varying distances and difficulties. We've put together a list of the metroplex's trails to help you find the best places to ride. We spend a lot of time on these trails, and we're happy to give you additional recommendations when you visit any Bike Mart location.

Find Your Next Ride

Road Riding

Looking for more road biking routes? Check out our Ride Spot page for more rides and challenges!

Gravel Riding


Building a Community

Have you been searching for a community of like-minded people to ride with? Join us on our next group ride leaving from your nearest Bike Mart store!

The benefits of joining a cycling club include challenging yourself, learning how to ride well with others, and of course, the camaraderie shared riding among friends. If you're looking to join a cycling club, we have a few suggestion's! 

Supporting Our Trails

Here in the DFW area, we have a lot of people to thank for creating and maintaining our trails and supporting our cycling communities. Some of those groups include:

  • DORBA (Dallas Off-road Bicycle Association)
  • FWMBA (Fort Worth Off-road Bicycle Association)
  • WMBC (Weatherford Mountain Bike Club)

Please consider joining, supporting or donating to these groups that maintain our favorite trails!