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Lezyne Helmet Lite Drive 1200+

Lezyne Helmet Lite Drive 1200+
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The Helmet Lite Drive 1200+ is a low-profile LED that follows the user's line of sight for superior visibility and excellent night-riding capabilities. With eight LEDs, this light has a maximum output of 1,200 lumens and an impressive 60-hour max runtime, providing the best beam pattern for optimal visibility in even the most challenging conditions.

Its waterproof USB-C charging port and 2A+ fast charging capability enables efficient recharging(cable not included). The CNC-machined aluminum construction with cooling fins ensures durability and efficient heat dissipation. The fresh optical design and the MOR(Maximum Optical Reflection) lens optimize light dispersion for enhanced visibility. GoPro mount and compatibility with the Infinite Light Power Pack+, this front light offers versatile mounting options and extended battery life. Rigorously tested to IPX7 Waterproofing standards, it is built to withstand various weather conditions. Choose from seven different output modes, from the attention-grabbing Daytime Flash Mode to the long-lasting 60-hour runtime Femto Mode, to suit your lighting needs. Illuminate your rides with confidence using the Lite Drive 1200+ Front.

- Max 1,200 lumens / 60-hour max runtime
- Max 1,200 lumens / 60-hour max runtime
- Waterproof USB-C 2A fast charging
- Daytime Flash mode with Highly Disruptive Pattern
- CNC-machined aluminum construction with cooling fins
- Fresh Optical Design
- GoPro adapter-based helmet mount
- Composite Matrix mount construction
- Velcro strap fits nearly all helmet styles
- Officially legal on the German market
- Infinite Light Power Pack+ Compatible for extended run times
- 3800 mAh battery capacity