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Moots Bicycles:
One-of-a-Kind Pedal-Powered Machines

Ever dreamed of building a custom titanium bicycle?

If you answered yes, Bike Mart has made a dream come true! We are so happy and honored to announce that Bike Mart will now be a partnered dealer with Moots handcrafted titanium bicycles! We are beyond proud to share their quality products with our friends and family. Like Bike Mart, they have built their own community around cycling and love to share their passion with the world.

Why We Love Moots


Handmade by Cyclists

Each Moots bicycle is meticulously fashioned out of premium US-made titanium tubing, allowing every bike to be designed to meet the specific needs of the individual rider. Moots' purposeful design philosophy, knowledge of the unique characteristics of titanium, and relentless focus on craftsmanship come together in the creation of true lifetime bikes—whether your preference is asphalt, dirt, or both.


Superior Craftsmanship

Each model goes through extensive testing and design tunes until it is comfortable and durable as it is good-looking and functional. 

"Moots has earned a reputation for building some of the finest quality titanium road, mountain, cross, and specialty frames on the market." -Moots 

...And it's true, just check out all of their awards and accolades from sources like Bicycling, and Outside Magazines', as well as Velo buyers guide and more!


Ride Anywhere

Moots take their bikes through extensive testing on the race circuits, gravel trails, and paved roads through Colorado before they are released. They make bikes for every type of rider including road, gravel, and mountain bikes with various differences between their models and specs.

Moots Road Bikes

Vamoots RCS

Road riding and not having to skip that less-than-perfect surface that has been calling your name. Now you can introduce yourself properly.

Vamoots Disc RSL

Road riding is cycling’s purest form, you the bike and the pavement that lies ahead.

Vamoots RSL

Pavement is your preferred medium and minimalism is your approach.

Moots Gravel Bikes

Routt RSL

Chasing gravel routes in your hometown or lining up at the biggest events around, this gravel racer moves from strength to strength with ease.

Routt 45

In the pursuit of chunky gravel roads to lumpy double track through deep forest, when it comes to versatility this gravel bike covers the spectrum.

Routt ESC

You like escaping through the deepest gravel that leads to forgotten two tracks with a single-track loop thrown in for good measure. Your escape route is anything you make it with this set up.

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Routt YBB

Legendary Moots YBB micro-suspension allows your gravel boundaries to be stretched beyond the norm.

Moots Mountain Bikes


If you love the adventure of seeking out and speeding down pristine singletrack, this hardtail 29er is built for you.


The love of cross country rides with modern geometry and our legendary YBB suspension.


You’re not hanging up your wheels when the snow flies and you love the solitude of quiet winter adventures. This overlanding machine is built for you.

Know you're getting the highest quality

Owning a Moots means you're owning more than just a bike - you're owning the highest quality pedal-powered machine money can buy. You're getting a bike that will handle anything, with supple geometry and materials. There's nothing like the feel of a handmade titanium frame.

Come on in, let us help you order a Moots!

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